Another unjustified "Thank you, Chicago!"

It happened again. Last night I was in Tower Records at Clark and Belden to return a movie (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe — don’t bother), when an out-of-town rap (or is it hip-hop..?…I never know which is which) duo brought up a woman rapper, who, after busting some rhymes, sent a shout out to Chi-town.

“Thank you, Chicago!” she shouted over wild cheers from the assembled crowd just inside the front door and to the left, kind of near the cash registers but on an angle.

You may remember that the singer of the all-womyn Led Zeppelin tribute band, Lez Zeppelin, shouted out the same words of city-wide gratitude not long ago at the Cubby Bear. I suggested that she maybe should have shouted, “Thank you, Cubby Bear!” or “Thank you, Wrigleyville!”

Considering the size of the crowd and venue, the rapper at Tower should not even have been allowed a “Thank you, Lincoln Park!” let alone a “Thank you, Chicago!”

At best she should have been allowed a “Thank you, Northwest Corner of Clark & Belden!” or more realistically a “Thank you, Books and Blank CDs Section!” You play the United Center, you’re allowed a “Thank you, Chicago.” You play a Record store, you get a “Thank you, Record Store” — tops.

Thank you, Yo Chicago!

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