Are there 475 single-families for rent in Lincoln Park?

In your dreams there are – and also at Zillow Rentals, where a query returns 475 single-family homes for rent in ZIP Code 60614. One of those single-family homes is 44 stories high.

Zillow Rentals is vying with Craigslist to become the marketplace where you search for your next home or apartment, and it’s succeeding in becoming like Craigslist. Like Craigslist it’s a deep swamp of spam ads mixed in with a very few legitimate rentals.

There are probably fewer than 20 single-family homes for rent in Lincoln Park at any given time and they’re almost always listed in the local MLS. Visit any reputable brokerage site, preferably one run by one of our parent firm’s clients, and you can spare yourself the mess you’ll encounter at Zillow and Craigslist. And, you won’t have to wonder where your contact information is going.

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