Are you OK with dated apartment finishes?

A few months ago we posted on the subject of lakefront properties, even some that are only a few years old, upgrading nearly everything.

Some landlords have taken a piecemeal approach to upgrading their apartments, in recognition of the fact that not every renter attaches the same value to granite counter tops, hardwood floors and stainless steel appliances.

Harvest Wheat and Almond were among the appliance colors that debuted in the 70s but made their way into new apartments well into the 80s. If you’re aching for Almond, hankering for Harvest Wheat, or lusting after laminate counter tops, you can still find them in some of the high-rises that were built in the 80s – and save several hundred dollars a month in rent. There are a number of buildings that are offering renters the choice of renovated or unrenovated apartments.

If keeping monthly rents at a minimum isn’t your sole priority, you might be able to upgrade to a much higher floor with a better view and older finishes at the same price as a low-floor no-view one with stainless and granite.

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