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Pioneering spirit on Wilson and Magnolia avenues in Uptown

When businessman Nick Novich decides to open a new bar, he picks a neighborhood that he thinks could use some pioneering. Last summer, Novich, who has [...]

Not every retail stretch has to be trendy

It's easy to dismiss the upper reaches of Broadway Street in Edgewater as merely a wide, noisy thoroughfare, but to do so overlooks the fact that this [...]

Andersonville's Clark Street retail pushes south of Foster

Speaking of southward migrations in Andersonville, as we were a little earlier, the Clark Street retail scene has spilled past the neighborhood's offi [...]

It's easy to be green when it comes to home heaters

We're on a bit of a green kick here at the Yo, so we thought we'd share some advice from New Homes columnist and home inspector Tom Corbett on selecti [...]

A window to a warmer Windy City home

Staring out my window at the driving snow, I'm reminded of New Homes columnist and home inspector Tom Corbett's recent advice about selecting the righ [...]

Stone Point Condos is luring former Bridgeporters home, agent says

You can take the kid out of Bridgeport — but there's a good chance he'll return when it's time to buy his first home, local real estate agents l [...]

Comment of the day – I don't feel safe at night in nabes with $500 apartments

"I understand neighborhoods like Uptown are in "transition", however, as a single white female-I wouldn't go walking around most neighborhoods that ha [...]

A night of blight on Broadway

How sketchy is Uptown these days? The other night, Yo's truly put that question to a couple of beat cops, officers Dan Kramer and Greg Hunt, who were [...]

Annoyance Productions is an important addition to the nascent Uptown entertainment precinct

Annoyance Productions settled into its new home at 4840 N Broadway last summer and the theater company is a great addition to a sketchy section of Upt [...]

Green appliance performs well in "popcorn test"

As we said yesterday, home inspector and New Homes columnist Tom Corbett speaks highly of energy-efficient appliances. When clients ask Corbett how th [...]
The X/O life: A shower that simulates a thunderstorm and the smell of rain

The X/O life: A shower that simulates a thunderstorm and the smell of rain

Holy Aqua Grotto! We just got the lowdown on the facilities planned at Spa X/O, the 17,000-square-foot "lifestyle center" at Kargil Development's up [...]

Major upsets and plenty of runoff action after aldermanic elections

There were several major upsets in the 2007 aldermanic elections. Goodbye Burt, Darcel and Arenda. Hello Brendan, Sandi and Willie. The Yo wants to he [...]

Workshop organizers will have to convince CTA and landowners to adopt proposals for Red Line improvements

We have a couple more details for you about the public workshops seeking ideas to revitalize the Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Thorndale and Granville Red Line e [...]

Energy-efficient appliances becoming more common in new residential developments

Home inspector and New Homes Magazine columnist, Tom Corbett, can't speak highly enough about energy-efficient appliances, and Corbett isn't the only [...]

Chicago's cooler condo market spells bad news for many investor buyers, expert says

The cooldown in the Chicago's condo market in late 2006 and early 2007 has left at least one expert predicting doom and gloom for many investor buyers [...]

Quote of the day: Landmark gone wild

"It would not be surprising to find additional testimony introduced that portrays the building as not just falling apart, or on the point of collapse, [...]

Yo wants to know: who gets your vote in the 2007 aldermanic elections and why?

Well, election day has finally arrived and we want to hear Yo thoughts on the aldermanic candidates in a number of key wards where development issues [...]

Bryn Mawr retail corridor shaping up nicely

Yo's truly went for a stroll along the stretch of Brywn Mawr near the el station to gawk at the new businesses that have opened up there in the last o [...]

More nail salons and hair braiding shops aren't the answer in Uptown, retail advocate says

We mentioned earlier that high property taxes deter some small businesses from opening in the Uptown neighborhood. Uptown United president and CEO, Jo [...]

High taxes deter some retailers from moving into Uptown

High property taxes and correspondingly high rents deter many smaller retailers from setting up shop in Uptown and other Chicago neighborhoods, says J [...]
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