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Homeowners might see property taxes skyrocket in 2006 as Springfield battle brews

Homeowners might see property taxes skyrocket in 2006 as Springfield battle brews

A real estate donnybrook is shaping up in Cook County in 2006, with homeowners pitted against the owners of big apartment buildings, office towers a [...]

Heavy competition forecast for ultra-luxury condos downtown in 2006

City Homes Developers of ultra-luxury downtown condominium buildings had better buckle their seatbelts in 2006 because experts say marketers of high- [...]

Massive housing projects planned in emerging Chicago neighborhoods

City Homes New-home buyers will have a potpourri of housing choices both in hot downtown enclaves and in emerging neighborhoods in 2006, real estate [...]

'Manhattanization' is changing the face of downtown Chicago

Twenty-five years ago, a stroll south down Wabash Avenue toward the Chicago River on the Near North Side of Chicago was sooty and uneventful. A highl [...]

As home prices keep growing, Chicago buyers wonder, "What bubble?"

Home prices in 2005 appear to be strapped to the space shuttle and headed for the stratosphere. Boosted by skyrocketing home prices on the East and W [...]

Zero-down payment loans too good to be true

Just when home foreclosure rates started to decline a bit in Chicago, some crafty lenders began touting amazing new shortcuts to homeownership. The l [...]

Millennium Park condominium boom creating shortage of affordable parking

The amazing popularity of downtown Chicago's Millennium Park has sparked a boom in condominium development, but it also is fueling a race for parking [...]

City likely to see biggest condo conversion market in 25 years during '05

With home-loan rates hovering at historic lows, experts say now is a good time to purchase a condominium conversion residence for quick occupancy and [...]

Historic conversions offer landmark savings at both ends of price spectrum

All adaptive reuse condominiums in the city are not created equal. According to Appraisal Research Counselors' latest "Downtown Chicago Residential B [...]

Gold Coast real estate was money in bank as prices soared

Remember 1984? The Dow Jones average was 1,154, compared to a sky-high 10,791 in 2004. A gallon of gasoline for your brand new $20,000 Corvette cost [...]

Downtown Chicago condo market rocks with record sales in 2004

Condos of all sizes and shapes were king of Chicago's downtown housing market last year. With the interest rates at historic lows, the downtown marke [...]

North lakefront housing values, developments continue to rise

Home and condominium values are on the rise in Chicago's North Side neighborhoods as lakefront living lures an increasing number of buyers, real estat [...]

Downtown condos for $56,000? It happened just 10 years ago…

With all the housing and economic experts gazing into their crystal balls for 2005, now may be a good time to reflect on what was happening in the Chi [...]

Housing to boom in next decade if home-loan rates are stable

Despite recent fears that housing prices have become artificially inflated and are headed for a crash à la the stock market, experts predict that as [...]

Downtown Chicago condo market posts strong rebound

Slowed by 9/11 terrorism and a sluggish economy for the past three years, the downtown Chicago condominium market finally is roaring back in 2004, rea [...]

Incentives are luring condominium shoppers to the city

Downtown Chicago home shoppers searching for a deal now have an enticing selection from which to choose. A wide range of incentives is included in the [...]

Adaptive reuse offers innovative homes in historic properties

Whether it's a vintage office building, an old industrial loft property or a historic retail structure, home buyers searching for an innovative in-tow [...]

Downtown Chicago condominium market sizzles again

After a couple of years on the back burner, the downtown Chicago condominium market is sizzling again, real estate experts say. According to Appraisa [...]

Massive developments underway in emerging neighborhoods

Vacant land for future residential development is abundant on Chicago's Near South Side and Near West Side, and with the economy picking up, experts s [...]

Better hurry to buy or refinance, home-loan rates are rising again

If you are planning to buy a home this spring, better hurry. With home-loan rates nearing 6 percent, it appears that the best mortgage deals since the [...]
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