Author: Joe Zekas

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Browsing the neighborhoods

If you're in the mood (and who isn't?) to browse photos of Chicago neighborhoods, head on over to This thread features some reall [...]

Second-hand air

According to an Associated Press study of Environmental Protection Agency data, reported by the Chicago Tribune, 280 Illinois neighborhoods are among [...]

For flipped flippers only

In 1989, recently divorced and completely broke, I moved into an amenity-free mid-rise building on the edge of the Gold Coast. My fellow tenants were [...]

Carl Sandburg Memorial Village?

The Chicago Architects Oral History Project, at the Art Institute of Chicago site, is a must for anyone with more than a passing curiosity about Chica [...]

Quote of the day: walkable neighborhood a luxury good for rich people

... a walkable neighborhood, or an entirely walkable city like Manhattan, is a luxury good for rich people ... and not an affordable alternative for r [...]
1 244 245 2464905 / 4905 POSTS