Belgravia VP expects changes to East Pilsen

In previous posts on Belgravia Group‘s Union Row townhouses in East Pilsen, we’ve mentioned the planned redevelopment of Jefferson Playlot Park, the small park located about a block to the south of the development. According to Belgravia Vice President Zev Salomon, plans call for significant expansion of that park – but that isn’t the only change he foresees in the neighborhood.

“There’s a lot of neighborhood development stuff going on down there,” Salomon says.

“Jefferson Playlot is slated to be completely redone and expanded in 2009 by the Park District. The Park District purchased a number of lots to the east of Jefferson Park, with the intention of expanding the park across the street and into these lots,” Salomon says.

Meanwhile, Salomon says that the owners of the Marble Emporium building – the large industrial building on 16th Street, right across from Union Row – report that it will likely be re-zoned for residential development. Another industrial building is also up for sale on the block, and a vacant lot at the corner of Jefferson and 16th Street was recently rezoned for residential use, he says.

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