Bloody real estate agent brawls – Beijing and Chicago editions

Baird & Warner’s Facebook page alerted us to a video of real estate agents slugging it out on the streets of Beijing. The Sydney (AU) Telegraph reports that “several combatants nursed bloody noses and torn shirts after the all-in…”

A slightly more genteel brawl is developing at the Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR), where President Bob Floss was ousted before the completion of his term. Reputations are being bloodied in the comments to a Chicago Agent Magazine article on the “impeachment.” Floss contends that his ouster was the result of his raising questions about the organization’s finances, a topic I’ve heard dark rumors about for many years.

We’ve previously noted the lax ethical standards of several members of CAR’s Board of Directors, including Mabel Guzman, a former president. One commenter contends that Ms Guzman, amazingly, presided over meetings during her tenure at a time when her real estate license had lapsed.

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