Bridgeport: solid roots hoping to branch out

During our tour of Bridgeport last week, Nicole and Joe Pusateri of Bricks Realty took me to a local hardware store that exemplifies the personality of a local business: a place where everybody knows your name. People from Bridgeport like to stay in Bridgeport, Joe says, which may be one reason why “when the market took it’s really bad turn… we didn’t feel like (Bridgeport) was hit that hard.”

Homes in Bridgeport can range from the $200s for a knockdown to around $1 million for a new home, Nicole says. Joe adds, “People on the North Side would spend double the price and get less… We’re talking double lots, swimming pools — and are we close to downtown? Yes. We’re always trying to figure out what we have to do to get other people to come to Bridgeport, not just the Bridgeport people.”

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