Bringing up baby: Family planning and homebuying in Chicago

Yesterday’s Trib had an interesting story about buying and selling a home when you’re expecting a child. For expectant parents selling their home in order to buy something bigger, the story had these recommendations: plan ahead by getting your own property ready for sale and researching neighborhoods and school districts before you become pregnant; and in the current slower market, be prepared to accept a lower offer so you have a convenient sale.

Advice for buyers: buy as much house as you can afford; if you plan on having more than one kid, buy with all the kids in mind, not just the first child; buy a place with a basement as kids accumulate a lot of junk; start packing super-early; or, finally, do nothing and wait until the baby arrives, gauge how your life has changed, then buy a new place. Good advice? Yo wants to hear the experiences of parents who’ve been in this situation, or the thoughts of those who hope to be in this situation in the near future.

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