Buyers know what they're looking for in Lincoln Park and Lake View

Sheffield Garden Walk

Armed with an Internet full of information and well-meaning advice from friends and family, Chicago homebuyers know what they’re looking for in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park and Lake View.

In today’s market, however, there’s more to consider than simply location and price. It’s the job of real estate agents to help these shoppers fine-tune their home requirements.

With available land at a premium, a number of projects are under development along busy city streets: Ashland, Clybourn, Fullerton, Belmont and Racine avenues. There are drawbacks to living along major thoroughfares, but sales agents can also help buyers see the benefits as well.

“If you live on a busy street or main artery, you will be getting an unusual floor plan and more space,” says Dana DiPasquale, of Baird & Warner. She toured 40 condos when shopping for her own home three years ago – before ultimately buying along a busy street in Lincoln Park. Different zoning requirements allow builders to inject a bit more creativity into the floor plans, she says.

Read up on the latest trends in these two popular North Side neighborhoods in New Homes Magazine‘s new issue.

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