Can you imagine the South Side as home to a game-changing urban ideal?

Or is McCaffery Interests overly optimistic in anticipating a 25 to 45-year time frame for completion of its Lakeside development?

McCaffery Interests posted the above video at YouTube yesterday. It appears to address developers who might have an interest in acquiring land and building on the nearly 600-acre former site of US Steel.

From the description that accompanies the video:

A global initiative for innovative living. A catalyst for a “New Chicago.” A powerful beginning. Lakeside presents a game-changing urban ideal for not just Chicago’s Southeast lakefront, but for the entire region. With visions for a new, dynamic and diverse community, the site that was once America’s largest steel mill will transform into a compelling model for a green, 21st century lifestyle.

The project, which will take an estimated 25-45 years to reach completion, will create the ultimate urban experience.

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