Carnival Mondays: what do I have to do to put you in this house today?

This week, the 19th Carnival of Real Estate is hosted by Ubertor Real Estate Blog, which also takes the opportunity to pitch its Web site software (always be closing, folks). Stop by and discover the difference between a Realtor and a used car salesman, learn how Zillow is “the Pong of real estate valuation,” be thankful that $5 million is considered the low end in Manhattan and not Chicago, and decide for yourself whether the Internet is “the best relationship-building tool to enter the [real estate] business in a long time,” or just a step above Realtors’ mug shots on shopping carts.

Also, a hearty thanks to Ubertor for linking to… drumroll… The Trump Blog! Now we can read with glee as The Donald (or the ghostwriter who quite remarkably grasps his essence) advocates putting ATM machines in churches and shares little nuggets of wisdom, like:

I’ve never had the biggest muscles but I’ve always had the best-looking women.

In return, Trump gets top-notch comments:

I give you credit for your Skillz! Play on Playa’ Me on the other hand I am for the CHAMP powered by B.A.D. – ur grrl *FliP*.

We think the blogging bar has just been raised a few notches.

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