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Big housing developments planned in Chicago's future

The "City of Big Shoulders" looks as if it's about to flex its development muscles – again. Seven major new residential and mixed-use developme [...]

Shop around, use caution in buying new construction

After 19 years as a home inspector, I've seen everything imaginable during the home buying process, including once suicide and a homicide. We'll leave [...]

Condominium conversions are Chicago's great housing bargain

Smart home shoppers this autumn are scanning the Chicago lakefront for condominium conversions, which experts say are the best housing bargains in the [...]

Fall is important time for maintenance, repairs

Here it is the start of September and most of you are probably wondering what happened to the summer. From a building maintenance perspective, we are [...]

Average home price hits $1 million along lakefront

The lure of lakefront breezes has had an uplifting effect on resale home prices in four key Chicago lakefront neighborhoods, boosting the average sale [...]

The real estate professional is not always in your corner

The single largest purchase that most people make in their lifetimes is a home, and the importance of the buying process is reflected in endless safeg [...]

With housing values rising property offers top return

With the stock market spiraling lower and interest rates nearing a 40-year low, real estate is looking more and more like the best investment opportun [...]

Spring is time for maintenance

The fluctuating temperatures of the last month should have been more than a sign to shop for swimwear, especially if you plan on selling an old home t [...]

Prices eased in 1st quarter for prime lakefront houses

For sheer snob appeal in Chicago housing, nothing beats a posh single-family home in Lincoln Park or a luxury condominium on the Near North Side. Amo [...]

Shortcuts in townhouse building often can mean compromises in safety

Townhouses are popular because they supply more privacy than condominiums but have lower construction costs than freestanding single-family homes. But [...]

New homes and loft condos are rejuvenating Bridgeport's diverse mix, blue-collar streets

The neighborhoods were part of the larger ethnic states. To the north of the Loop was Germany. To the northwest was Poland. To the west were Italy and [...]

Brick veneer often presents problems in new masonry homes

During the last couple of years masonry problems have been cropping up in new construction all over the city. The trend is ironic, given Chicago's hi [...]

New condo buyers sitting pretty in the catbird seat as builders scramble for sales

While 2002 may be the worst of times for condominium developers, it may be the best of times for would-be condo buyers. "Condo buyers are in the catb [...]

Make sure that your home inspector is working for you

Every profession has standards that have evolved over time – and its share of "professionals" who are willing to ignore them. In the case of hom [...]

A Lincoln Park milestone: Homes average $1 million

Lincoln Park, for decades one of Chicago's richest neighborhoods, reached a milestone in 2001. For the first time, the average list price of a single- [...]
1 5 6 7135 / 135 POSTS