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Seasonal headlines: Spring thaw?

"[T]he long cold Real Estate winter of our discontent is passing into spring." - Bruce Fogelson, President of Paramount Homes, showing his Shakespeare [...]

Comment of the day: Hope remains for some sellers, just not for bad homes and locations

I agree with Simon. Let's use a young family example looking for a home under $400K, a sizable amount, and they want to keep the family east of Kedzie [...]

Comment of the day: Albany Park's potential

Albany Park boomed this dcade in real estate values and was fueled by sucessful condo conversions close to three Brown Line stations at Francisco, Ked [...]

Comment of the day: "A disaster for many"

...On a local note, I'm seeing a lot of people getting great deals on primary homes in good locations. I'd be in the market this coming year if I hadn [...]

Comment of the day: Job security

It's a blood bath out there. Architecture firms are experiencing mass layoffs. Work is drying up. I won't name names, but it's many of the city's best [...]

Discussion: Gossip, rumors and lies welcome

We do our best to tamp down unfounded speculation and innuendo in our comment sections, but lately it seems like readers are eager to spread wild tale [...]

Comment of the day: The trouble with projections

Lincoln Square/Ravenswood and nearby Andersonville share many characteristics(see above) that make them great places to live. Two of my favorite neigh [...]

Comment of the day: LEED "encourages strides in the right direction"

In response to the question I posed yesterday regarding the importance of LEED certification, reader Matt, who describes himself as a LEED accredited [...]
Comment of the day: An "uncommon" bond

Comment of the day: An "uncommon" bond

"Just walking around Evanston, you encounter so many homeless people. At first, you feel sorry for them. But Evanston is a unique place... People ac [...]

Comment of the day: Go Feds!

Levois asked for it, and Irishpirate awoke from his drunken slumber last night to respond to Joe Zekas' driving tour of Kenmore Avenue in Uptown. Joe [...]
Comment of the day: An exceptional dining experience

Comment of the day: An exceptional dining experience

"The view included a partially demolished balcony with concrete chunks lying about, as though the concrete work crew left work early that day. Some vi [...]

Comment of the day: The comfort of a community

... Of course, I don't think most gay people care who moves into our 'hoods as long as they don't make us take down the risque photos of half-naked me [...]

Comment of the day: Visual ambiguity

"I think this sort of architecture is coming from the desire to do something interesting with balconies. There are too many new construction condo bui [...]

Comment of the day: Sore thumbs and four fingers in Lincoln Park

"As a recent purchaser in Lincoln Park, I think the problem here is that the building sticks out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood admired for its h [...]

Comment of the day: high-rise maintenance

"Uptown and Edgewater are definitely having a problem with high-rise low-income housing broken up into small units. The only thing that will EVENTUALL [...]

Comment of the day: Amidst all the noise…

"The eastern end of Pilsen does seem to be "gentrifying" at a decent or indecent pace depending on your point of view. As for the western end the chan [...]

Comment of the day: Location, size are appropriate for The Winchester in Lake View

"That is an appropriate location on Belmont for that size of building. The building that is being torn down is ok, but what Lakeview and the city need [...]

Comment of the day: Folk music cover sparks reader query

We enjoy getting email from our readers, and it's even better when they pose a question to you, the YoChicago reader. Today we received a missive from [...]

Comment of the day: Rehab projects may be better than building green

"What's usually missing from these discussions are the huge amounts of waste matter and energy costs that are produced every time a building is torn d [...]

Comment of the day: Don't overlook the right home at the right time

"On one hand [buyers] hear all the bad national market news. On the other, they lose properties they actual love in multiple offers or by never offeri [...]
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