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Comment of the day: Transit situation will hurt, not help city's Olympics bid

"Chicago's run down, inadequate public transportation system will be a major obstacle to getting the Olympics. The visitors from all over the world wi [...]

Comment of the day: Recession and the fates of emerging neighborhoods

"Gut rehabs are still going on at a pretty good pace. A stroll around Buena Park reveals at least a half dozen gut-rehabs that are currently under con [...]

Comment of the day: Connecting the taxed to the tax-funded

"Lee is right: the availability of public transit adds thousands of dollars to the value of every property in the city - particularly the downtown com [...]

Counter-quote of the day: Incentives wrong for buyers, developers

"I’m a firm believer that [incentives] are a bad move for both the developer and the people buying. There’s no pricing integrity, and you run a real r [...]

Quote of the day: Affording to wait

"I'm waiting for the seller to bring down the price at least 10 percent, to include a $65,000 parking space or a year of free assessments. It's a buye [...]

Comment of the day: Solid praise for Uptown high-rise developer

"The community owes a lot to Mr. Gouskos. His commitment to that area really helped turn it around. He was here long before it was popular to do such [...]

Quote of the day: In a cooling market, it pays to go hotel

"We did not want to go to market with 100-plus condominiums at this point." - Neil Gehani, president of Monaco Development LLC, on his firm's decisio [...]

Comment of the day: Coming full circle

"The absolute last people who should be asked about changes in a neighborhood are the people who live there. If 'neighbor' approval is needed virtuall [...]

Comment of the day: Buyer's market for new projects along Ashland Ave?

"[T]here is stiff competition to sell new construction units on North Ashland, from Belmont to pretty much Lawrence. This will bode well for the young [...]

Comment of the day: Green permitting works in Chicago

"I've dealt with Erik Olsen on a project, and this process is really worthwhile. Getting a building permit in Chicago is often a big unknown in terms [...]

Comment of the day: props for a restoration job

"I was once Director of The Harvard School, and applaud the efforts to keep some elements of that wonderful old building and its history. An amazing p [...]

Quote of the day: Wilson Yard the new Cabrini-Green?

"Let's see. Everywhere in the nation it seems mixed income developments are the norm for government subsidized development. Not in Uptown. Let's recre [...]

Comment of the day: Magnolia and Wilson building is nice, but condos overpriced at $400k

"I actually looked at this building before purchasing new construction farther west.. it is a nice building and has the amenities you would expect in [...]

Comment of the day: At least Fulton Market buildings have some character

"Curious…Is Phil Berger a licensed architect? Or a licensed developer? I highly doubt Blair Kamin would concur with Mr. Berger on this one. Saying th [...]

Comment of the day: Why all the quacking about ducts?

"Would you guys like triangular ducts? Would that pique your interest? Jeez…leave it alone. Does ductwork really make you say…'No thank you. I was loo [...]

Comment of the day: credit crunch not tragic

"The credit crunch will only have a slight effect on mortgage availability for people buying $350,000 condos (which is quite cheap for downtown). It c [...]

Comment of the day: Chicago ain't no New York

"Then explain why tons of Chicagoans have weekend places in NYC. Not sure there are any New Yorkers with a bolthole in Chicago. Please, Chicago is a g [...]

Comment of the day: Logan Square is going upscale

"...Logan Square is gentrifying faster and much more successfully than Humboldt Park in my eyes. The Boulevards and mansions of Logan Square are maybe [...]

Comment of the day: Stop treating homes like stocks

"Will the median River North condo price be higher than it is today 10 years from now? Of course. Two years from now? Probably not. The point is peopl [...]

Comment of the day: let's keep new buildings street-friendly

"One of the most rudimentary problems to be solved with a row of housing, whether it be rowhouses or flats, is how to deal with the end condition. Wit [...]
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