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Comment of the day: more people = more cars

"You can't have this both ways - new housing = new cars on the streets... most people moving to Lake View have cars, and want places to park them. It' [...]

Comment of the day: Chicago living going mainstream

"...I consider it a win that the mainstream is starting to choose cities over suburbs, that some long-time negative stereotypes of cities are fading, [...]

Comment of the day: 'chained' to the South Loop

"Just look at the 'independent' restaurants new in the area. For the most part they're backed with big money (like Kleiner) and are high end destinati [...]

Comment of the day: retail WILL come to the South Loop

Sir Isaac Newton ended a substantial comment on retail growth in the South Loop with these thoughts: "I guess what I am trying to say in my long-wind [...]

Comment(s) of the day: Robots on the loose in Lake View

"I think a more economical solution would be to design 'Robocops' to police the neighbhorhood on foot. They'd work longer hours than humans and never [...]

Comment of the day: market will bounce back, eventually

"The market always comes back, eventually. The hard part is, the market can stay depressed longer than many builders can stay solvent. I laugh at peop [...]

Comment of the day: Pullman the Rome of Chicago

"Pullman should be one of Chicago's number one tourist attractions. It is the Rome of Chicago. Historically significant actions that changed the direc [...]

Comment of the day: livers and lawsuits?

"How come the developer / builder community doesn't stand up on this issue? I'd think if a bunch of animal rights folks can get foie gras banned this [...]

Comment of the day: affordable housing will keep Uptown down

"The real anchor that will keep Uptown down for longer than new residents would like is what Irishpirate referenced earlier - the large amount of affo [...]

Comment of the day: amount of development 'insane'

"Chicago's real estate market may not be normal in terms of the enormous glut of supply (thus the auctions)…the glut of supply isn't really so much fr [...]

Comment of the day: Halsted nostalgia

"How far Halsted has come. I vividly recall a good month in about '85 or '86 waiting for the 8 Halsted every morning, where there was an old VW Carmen [...]

Comment of the day: keep amateurs off the Wrigley Planning Committee

"It is great to have the community members oversee the process and be involved, but they shouldn't be writing guidelines without proper training and e [...]

Comment of the day: where are the dalmatians?

"Is the fire truck included?" - NSH, commenting on our post on a River West home that features a rather fire station-like facade. [...]

Comment of the day: Lincoln Park not "all white and all rich"

"Lincoln Park is 'diverse' in more ways than just ethnic. You have what I call a post college ghetto in parts of the eastern section with large number [...]

Comment of the day: view not included

"I cannot, in my 36 years on the planet, understand why someone would plunk down a quarter million dollars for a view of N. Ashland Ave." - Jeff, com [...]

Comment of the day: Vittum Park – alphabetized

"It was part of an abandoned plan to loosely alphabetize side street names going west from Indiana. The Ks and Ls are the most complete remnants of th [...]

Comment of the day: school spirit at Edgewater development

Our post on the blue-and-gold exterior of Catalpa Gardens, a 126-unit development in Edgewater, prompted this response from NSH: "...A lot of kids ar [...]

Comment of the day: the cost of going green

"Guess it's like a statement: Go small cause I'm green. But it will cost you allota green to make the statement." - Eric Rojas, commenting on our pos [...]

Comment of the day: will Macy's take over mansions too?

"But will the new owner change the name to the Macy's Mansion?" - Realtor, commenting on our post about the Marshall Field Jr. Mansion. [...]

Comment of the day: spread the wealth in Uptown

"As for Uptown the areas that have real problems seem to be near where there are significant numbers of subsidized housing units. Concentrating povert [...]
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