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Why rent when you can moan?

As we browse the Internet and tour sales centers, we still see several developers using the old "Why rent when you can own?" argument to market their [...]
Hang around for "Gallows Humor Weekend"

Hang around for "Gallows Humor Weekend"

You've got to laugh to keep from crying, Yo readers. That's why we're celebrating "Gallows Humor Weekend" at YoChicago. Think of it as our own real-es [...]

An open discussion on the real estate transfer tax increase

We've all seen the headlines: Springfield's pending transit solution is now wrapped up in a rather hefty increase in the state's real estate transfer [...]

Have Uptown and Rogers Park traded places?

"It's interesting that the old diverse Uptown is purely listed as 'emerging high-income.' I've heard people say that Uptown and Rogers Park have sort [...]

Comment of the day: fill in the holes first

"I still maintain that we are not a land starved city. I am not talking about chewing up farmland. You know very well how many empty lots there are al [...]

Comment of the day: rare praise at the Yo

"My clients really enjoy the place...City Builders have had several other developments in the area and seem to be responsive." - Eric Rojas, making t [...]

Comment of the day: Uptown's new Aldi could have been better

"In terms of the parking, the new Aldi is street friendly. In terms of creating a pedestrian-friendly street it ain't. Notice how the entrance is actu [...]

Comment of the day: the bottom has dropped out of the market

The median price increase simply indicates that the bottom has dropped out of the market. Nobody can afford the cheap stuff anymore and it has stopped [...]

Comment of the day: watch out, Mod condos…

Maybe someone will come up with a rival project called the "Rocker" condos. For those unfamiliar with 1960s British culture, the "Mods" were upscale y [...]

Comments of the day: Jane schools us on Chicago "ghettoes"

"You'd be crazy to pay this much for ANYTHING in the Edgewater ghetto." "Why would someone build this in the ghetto neighborhood known as Humboldt Pa [...]

Comment of the day: mortgage brokers 2 rungs up from developers, lawyers

"Yes, there are two differences between mortgage brokers and toxic waste ...they are two steps up the rung from real estate developers, lawyers, and f [...]

Comment of the day: South Loop views beat West Loop restaurants

"[The] South Loop wins for proximity to the lake and the red line. [The] West Loop has more and better restaurants and bars, but I can get there from [...]

Comment of the day: (wrath of) God is in the details

"How CTU got permission to totally take up their lot space, with virtually no breathing room with the buildings on either side, is a mystery. God'll g [...]

Comment of the day: "furmudgeons" not always the best source for neighborhood advice

"I suspect that those older women would consider any gathering involving more than two Hispanic kids gang activity. Nature of being old and female [an [...]

Comment of the day: new condo doesn't mean no problems

"I was speaking with a woman yesterday. She moved into new construction in October. The toilets leak, the Pergo floor is warped, the dishwasher is bro [...]

Comment of the day: a South Loop pricing mystery

"I find all this very interesting .... South Loop developers have raised prices as much as 20% on unsold units in the past year. Something must be sup [...]

Comment of the day: who's scaring buyers?

"Was it 'the media' that scared buyers away? Or was it reality?" --Ecker, commenting on our video interview with Coldwell Banker's Lyn Flannery. [...]

Comment of the day: don't write off Englewood

"If Englewood is this way when you visit I get the feeling there won't be action like this in 10 or 20 years. It could be the next hot spot. And it ha [...]

Comment of the day: why isn't Rebuilding Together bigger news?

"This is amazing ... how could I not hear about this? Thousands show up somewhere and no news? 12 people go to protest anything at Daley Plaza and the [...]

Comment of the day: old-school Chicago alive in Beverly

"Beverly in some ways is a throw back to an earlier time when religion, ethnicity, and even parish were more important. It can be rather clannish. Tha [...]
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