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Comment of the day: parade doesn't reflect so much as engulf South Side

"Actually, northisder, the South Side Irish parade day is probably the only day of the year the streets do not belong to us. Throngs (some estimate th [...]

Comment of the day: instant gratification TIFs

"My experience in Logan Square / Avondale is TIFs are just the short-sighted way people impatient for change demand things. 'Why don't we have a Trade [...]

Comment of the day: hoping home prices go up

Our post on the first decline in home prices ever predicted by the National Association of Realtors elicited this comment from Odujoko: "As we all kno [...]

Comment of the day: props for Beverly

Our photos of the area surrounding the 95th Street / Beverly Hills Metra Station drew plaudits from fans of Chicago's Beverly neighborhood. Levois wro [...]

Comment of the day: 22 minutes on the el

Our link to a Chicago Tribune story about the booming suburbs prompted this comment from Odujoko: "What's the point to my story? The point is that all [...]

Comment of the day: bring on The Spire

"Bring it on ... Chicago's history of being a testing ground for the new, and its pride in having super-talls, cries out for continuation of striving [...]

Comment of the day: development may not bring hope to Woodlawn

Our post on a condo development in Woodlawn prompted Tasha to comment, "New Hope to the Woodlawn area ...this is nothing new; everyone is rehabbing an [...]

Comment of the day: here's to Dempsey Travis

"He is an interesting and funny man. I hope he lives many more years and continues to build. Keeping the middle income folks in the city, black or whi [...]

Comment of the day: Chicago doesn't need the Olympics

"We don't need the Olympics, and the Loop & South Loop's infrastructure don't need improving at the expense of the schools and the rest of our crumbli [...]

Comment of the day: fearing a hollow city

"We have to be very careful about the precedent that the Farwell sets. If people are able to hollow out historic buildings, especially in such a promi [...]

Comment of the day: sucking in '07

"Generally speaking, developments that suck will suck in 2007. Generally speaking, the farther from downtown you get, the more it will suck in 2007. [...]

Comment of the day: who needs all that parking?

"I like when buildings have fewer parking spots than total units—it reminds us all that not everyone living downtown needs a car, and the market [...]

Comment of the Day: Chicago is losing its Bohemians

"want to see more artists in Chicago? find a way to keep rents affordable. I don't know if an acquisition-based property tax (coupled with a tax swap [...]

Comment of the day: Presidential Towers is no Ritz

We described Presidential Towers as "one of the city's ritziest rentals" in our post on an alleged bedbug infestation at the high-rise. Keith took us [...]

Quote of the day: Rogers Park is the new Xanadu

"The fabric of this neighborhood is being repaired," Sullivan said. "It's probably the best plot of land in the world." - Rogers Park resident Dan Su [...]

Comment of the day – I don't feel safe at night in nabes with $500 apartments

"I understand neighborhoods like Uptown are in "transition", however, as a single white female-I wouldn't go walking around most neighborhoods that ha [...]

Comment of the day: tough crowd

"For some strange reason I can't quite put my finger on, I actually don't completely hate this design ..." and "Funny Sam ... I had the same reactio [...]

Comment of the day: take that, investor buyers

Our post on the effect of the cooling market on investor buyers inspired this rant from schadenfreude sister: "I suppose it's not very nice, but fran [...]

Comment of the day: the waste land of the Red Line

A debate about whether to add public restrooms to CTA stations in Edgewater prompted this response from Sean: "Aren't the stations themselves already [...]

Comment of the day: cross out the Crosstown

"Keith - Building more highways to solve traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity." - Lee, on the topic of House Speaker Michae [...]
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