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Comment of the day: crushing souls one condo building at a time

"We need more density EVERYWHERE. We need to build 10 story buildings next to people's houses. This is how a city gets built. Brick, concrete, wood, m [...]

Comment of the day: Aldermanic privilege has to go

"The real problem is the continuation of the odd Chicago practice of aldermanic privilege (or prerogative, if you will). There really does need to be [...]

Comment of the day: your own personal Block 37

"If I were unimaginably wealthy, I think I'd like to buy that lot and build a 3 bedroom, 2 bath brick ranch right there. Getting the morning paper in [...]

Comment of the day: exactly what can wary buyers do?

Our comment of the day is actually a question. We all know the old maxim, "buyer beware," but what exactly can buyers at condo conversions do beyond b [...]

Comment of the day: "Gayle" on Ald. Helen Shiller (46th)

Our post quoting pro-Shiller Chicagoist blogger Kevin Robinson elicited many responses, both pro and con. " Gayle said: "I'm wondering how many of th [...]
1 2 345 / 45 POSTS