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Mortgage rates hit highest level in 4 years. Is the bubble about to burst?

Like those last few beers of the evening, mortgage rates have been sneaking up on us for a while now. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 6.53 [...]

The tooth fairy will pay your closing costs

We keep receiving comments from posters who say they are satisfied customers of Lenox Financial Mortgage, so we'll revisit the issue of no-closing-cos [...]

Redlining the no-closing-costs sleaze-o-meter

Dan Smith, who purports to be from Lenox Financial posted a belated comment on my earlier post on Lenox Financial's WBBM radio commercials. You know t [...]

Targeting Chicago's dumbest borrowers

It's not as if mortgage lenders need much help in targeting understanding-challenged borrowers, but the Illinois Department of Financial and Professio [...]

Sets my sleaze-o-meter racing

I have a finely-tuned sleaze-o-meter that easily jumps past the redline. One mortgage broker's radio commercial sends my sleaze-o racing from word on [...]
1 3 4 585 / 85 POSTS