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Quote of the day: lenders not to blame for subprime mess

"It gets under my skin how when things like this happen everyone starts talking about how lenders are bad, they're so bad...It's not true. I can't say [...]

Quote of the day: radical plans for the Southeast Side

"The development will change the face of the entire Southeast Side of Chicago." - Daniel McCaffery of McCaffery Interests quoted in today's Sun-Times [...]

Quote of the day: sales slump a reality check for some agents

"This is a rude thing for them. They thought you could just get a license and stop by the Mercedes dealer, but that's not how it works." - Tom Gilfil [...]

Quote of the day: the CTA concedes that construction will be "awful"

"We are trying to prepare our riders for the worst. But it's not a PR kind of thing where we're saying it's gonna be awful and it's just gonna be bad. [...]

Quote of the day: Wicker Park doesn't need another bank

"That's pathetic. There's already two banks on this corner. Wicker Park really needs a movie theater, not another bank." - Ukrainian Village resident [...]

Comment of the day: elections are term limits

"We have term limits, they're called elections. Anyone can be unseated at any election interval. If you don't like someone, vote the bum out. People i [...]

Quote of the day: term limits for aldermen

"I have two words for everyone: TERM LIMITS! We need them to prevent the entrenched corruption and play to pay politics." - Jocelyn, commenting on th [...]

Quote of the day: the end of an era in Bridgeport

"I'm looking out the window at the rooftop of a $500,000, three-year-old home. We didn't pick a residential area, a residential area picked us." - Fr [...]

Quote of the day: the remains of Cabrini-Green

"I want to be out of here so bad. There are people hiding everywhere, in the hallways, around the corners. I want to go because I'm scared. I've been [...]

Quote of the day: Olympics a "white man's, rich millionaire's" club

"The face of the Olympics is an elite, white man's, rich millionaire's kind of party club...That's [the way] it's being portrayed in the media. That's [...]

Quote of the day: disaster ahead for condo market

"Two trends are converging and it is not good news: an oversupply of condo construction just as lenders tighten the noose on ezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [...]

Quote of the day: time to put a cap on permit parking

"We all pay for the curb. We pay for the cement, the asphalt, the labor that went into it. For a resident to think they can turn it into a private par [...]

Quote of the day: Many say no to "fake historic" buildings

"A lot of architects would say the way to treat appropriately a historic district is to do something that is not like a fake historic building that wo [...]

Quote of the day: benefits of Olympic plan unclear for South Side

"We think that this bid to host the Olympics is just local politicians and their financial interests dancing around the real issues: Chicago has no pl [...]

Quote of the day: history in the rubble

"It is a sad thing to see a part of history laying in rubble and you can't retrieve it." - Judy Barclay of Citizens United to Retain Residential Bal [...]

Quote of the day: problem solving, Natarus style

"I also enjoyed solving people's problems, even though they didn't like the way I solved them." - Outgoing alderman and self-proclaimed "No. 1 has-be [...]

Quote of the day: Troutman's last stand

"But it seems to be some kind of conspiracy...some kind of real conspiracy. But this conspiracy isn't on Arenda Troutman. It's on the people. The peop [...]

Quote of the day: Landmark gone wild

"It would not be surprising to find additional testimony introduced that portrays the building as not just falling apart, or on the point of collapse, [...]

Quote of the day: Michael Jackson beats the Blue Line

"Where is the outrage over the so-called 'maintenance' on the Blue Line? The trains have been traveling at 6 m.p.h. I can moonwalk to work and back fa [...]

Quote of the day: support from the mayor

"Each one of those aldermen, I have supported overwhelmingly. I've never looked at any development, any project -- anything for their community becaus [...]
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