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Quote of the Day: Crosstown Expressway would cut Chicago traffic congestion

"What we're trying to accomplish is the building of a road that would make massive improvements in traffic congestion throughout the Chicago metropoli [...]

Quote of the day: another blow for Troutman

"Bishop Arthur Brazier is an important man...A Daley aide once described Brazier and other key black clergy to me as 'surrogate aldermen' who could be [...]

Quote of the day – We'll get Block 37 redeveloped

"I can tell you a hundred times that it's going to happen. But people will still say, 'Show me.' We'll show you." -Steven Jacobsen, the point man for [...]

Quote of the day — rapacious widows and orphans

My instinct is to defend developers against what I often see as unwarranted slams in our comments. An attorney in my old law firm characterized our ro [...]

Quote of the day: City lax on developers

"There is no effective government oversight of construction or renovation in the city." - Attorney Mark Pearlstein, in a Chicago Sun-Times story. Pea [...]

Quote of the day: Designed to sell

"Designs are really going to mean something now. Now that it's more of a buyer's market, the discriminating buyers are demanding some design, some arc [...]

Quote of the day: as Evanston Theater goes, so goes Evanston

"I don't think this will be the monumental end of the street some of the neighbors think it will be." - Ald. Steven Bernstein, on the Evanston City C [...]

Quote of the day: the redemptive potential of Olympic Village

"Olympic Village could be the start of Chicago's atonement for what it has done over the past 60 years to the near south lakefront. Redemption will be [...]

Quote of the day: Lynn Becker on spite and malice

"When the market economy remains our one true religion, there's never a shortage of those who would destroy beauty with malice and replace it with shi [...]

Quote of the day: up with Ald. Helen Shiller (46th)

"For all her faults - and there are many - we think Helen Shiller has done a pretty good job making Uptown a livable area for a community of people th [...]

Quote of the day: Troutman under fire

"There is no development in the ward, no job creation. That has a lot to do with leadership." - Willie B. Cochran, 20th ward aldermanic candidate, com [...]

Quote of the day: the boom in downtown apartments

"There is a lot of stuff in the pipeline. We don't want to panic, but it comes down to what are you offering that's unique?" -Appraisal Research Couns [...]
Quote of the day: make way for Hummers

Quote of the day: make way for Hummers

Crain's Chicago Business reports today on the luxury cars that own Chicago's roads. Environmental and congestion concerns be damned -- Crain's found [...]

Quote of the day: overcome the psychology of negativity

"We do see the bottoming out of the market, so if consumers can overcome the psychology of negativity, it will be fine." --Lawrence Yun, NAR senior e [...]

Quote of the day — who can tell it's a landmark?

"How is anyone - a real estate agent, a seller, a property owner - supposed to know they're even near a landmark district?" Jonathan Fine, quoted in [...]
Quote of the day — abounding in criminals

Quote of the day — abounding in criminals

"Fifty-seven percent of the adults in North Lawndale have a criminal background or have had some involvement in the criminal justice system." Bren [...]

Quote of the day – ask a gay waiter where he lives

Looking for the next hot neighborhood? According to superstar New York broker / blogger Barbara Corcoran: "The best property leads I've ever chased h [...]

Quote of the day — blind NIMBYs and planners

We haven't found a quote of the day yet, so I'm making one up: Short-sighted NIMBYs and far-sighted planners are equally blind to what it takes to cr [...]
Quote of the day — fashion tips for McKinley Park buyers

Quote of the day — fashion tips for McKinley Park buyers

"LOL. McKinley Park!? White people planning to buy there should purge any black / red (Latin Counts) or black / tan (Two-Six) from their wardrobes. An [...]

Quote of the day, NIMBY style

"In the last two years, all of a sudden, all these buildings started popping up that didn't belong here." Tina Feldstein, president of the newly-for [...]
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