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Quotes of the day: Architects looking inward

In his latest entry to the Trib's Skyline blog, Blair Kamin writes that with the number of new building projects dwindling, Chicago architects suddenl [...]

Quote of the day: South Loop apartments face stiff competition from new condo rentals

"[New South Loop apartments] have hit the market at the worst time... If you want to live in the South Loop, you have lots of options. That has really [...]

Quote of the day: Rock bottom by year's end

Notwithstanding the intensifying economic gloom, the bottom of the housing downturn is within sight for the nation...Presuming we see strong action by [...]

Quotes of the day: "No risk"

“We were told in 2006 by our elected leaders at the time that the Olympic village would be developed at, and I quote, ‘no risk to the taxpayers.’” -Va [...]

Quote of the day: Sit it out, sellers

Do you want to help heal the U.S. economy? Don’t list your house for sale this year. That’s the main point I took away from the Chicago Association o [...]

Quote of the day: Double-dip recession?

“We’re creating a shadow inventory of homes that will be right back on the market as soon as the economy and the housing market begin to improve. ... [...]

Quote of the day: "I was wrong…"

I worked for an association promoting housing, and it was my job to represent their interests. If you look at my actual forecasts, the numbers were ri [...]

Quote of the day: Feelin' kind of squirrelly

"People are out there kicking the tires and not pulling the trigger. ... There is so much uncertainty. The hard part is getting them to make a move. . [...]

Quote of the day: Rebuilding buyer confidence

"We need to keep it going. We need every kind of resource we can get to build the confidence back in people's minds that they can buy a house." - Gra [...]

Quote of the day: Is anybody out there?

It's really about the economy now ... We've sold a home to everybody we could sell one to. We're losing jobs, and the outlook is not very promising fo [...]

Quote: No matter how long the winter…

...spring is sure to follow. Which spring, of course, is up for debate. I believe that in a country that continues to grow and where the population c [...]

Quote of the day: Remembering the buyer

Consumers are missing from the conversation, but they are having conversations just the same. All too often we steer the real estate industry discussi [...]
Quote of the day: "Legal stupidity"

Quote of the day: "Legal stupidity"

"We'll have a knock-down, drag-out for the next six months over this. ...This project will be completed and sold out before this gets resolved. … Thi [...]

Quote of the day: More "big-box" looks

I fear that you’re going to see less interesting, less creative designs out in the marketplace now. I think we’re going to see more big-box looks, if [...]

Quote of the day: Is luxury no longer standard?

"People are surprised to hear that our clients are cutting back... But in the past year, some have had financial losses in the six figures or have see [...]

Quote of the day: Price stabilization? Resistance from sellers?

"I see the inventories starting to go down slowly ... I see some stabilization in the prices, and I see more and more resistance from sellers ... in t [...]

Quote of the day: When "new" isn't "new"

"In (a) broker's mind, 'listing' means house and contract. But to buyers, 'new listing' likely suggests a house that's just come onto the market. That [...]

Quote of the day: "An optimal time for entry-level buyers"

It seems like developers and brokers are always telling us that it's a great time to buy a home, regardless of the economic climate. According to Nati [...]
Quote of the day: Low expectations for 2009

Quote of the day: Low expectations for 2009

"[We] won't do them until the world turns around. It'll be a year, two years, before you see anything new get off the ground in the city." - Belgravi [...]
Quote of the day: "Pushing pause"

Quote of the day: "Pushing pause"

"We’re not pushing rewind, we’re not pushing eject, we’re just pushing pause." - Zac Henson, CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of Beijing Construction Engin [...]
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