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Open your eyes, Chicago

Got 'em open? Take a look at Gary Johnson's wonderfully eclectic Chicago history Web site, including his walking sample of downtown, and his brief tak [...]

Guess where Chicago

If you like to look at images of Chicago, and have some time on your hands, head over to the GuessWhereChicago cluster at Flickr. [...]

Lincoln Park Chad Society does not approve

We don't think Starbucks is holding high-level meetings over the failure of the Lincoln Park Chad Society to grant its stamp of approval to the new ci [...]

Arlington Heights broker tour highlights

What's a broker tour? It's agent-to-agent marketing: weekday open houses usually open only to real estate agents, and showcasing only the newest listi [...]

Wednesday, Wednesday is YoChicago rents day

We went looking for Web sites that have something to offer that's out of the ordinary, and found the Archstone Apartments site. Renting in a high-ris [...]
Designers' top Web sites for home decor

Designers' top Web sites for home decor

Our pal Elizabeth Blackwell offers insight into the exploding world of home-decor Web sites with a story in today's Wall Street Journal. Online sales [...]

Bronzeville playing at a Web site near you

Brad Inman's latest venture, Inman Stories, brings you "spaces, places and faces" from around the real estate business. We just noticed the video on [...]

Gentrifying very, very, very, very slowly

A lot of Wikipedia's write-ups about Chicago neighborhoods don't have much more to offer than a good laugh. We're not much inclined to laugh at illite [...]

Zillow is a must see

If the site isn't down - it's been hammered by heavy demand since its launch — check out Among other things, this much-anticipated [...]
1 9 10 11209 / 209 POSTS