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Watch Bill Clinton live from Greenbuild, Wednesday 9 am

Watch former president Bill Clinton address Greenbuild, the US Green Building Council's annual conference and expo, live from McCormick Place via stre [...]

NYT: On top of losing homes, borrowers in foreclosure face unfair fees

Borrowers in foreclosure are often slapped with questionable fees, allowing lenders and mortgage servicers to profit unfairly, today's New York Times [...]

Carnival of Real Estate: how "house porn" sells homes

Real Estate Convergence hosts this week's Carnival of Real Estate. Read about house porn, shady tenants and why you should get a BlackBerry already. [...]

Video details the building of Marina City

Some residents of Marina City, the famous "corncob" towers designed by Bertrand Goldberg, have put together a Web site that aims to provide comprehens [...]

GreenBean profiles Chicago's 1st green high-rise apartments

GreenBean has a profile on Chicago's first green high-rise apartment building, planned for 900 S Clark St, just north of the Roosevelt Road Target sto [...]

Carnival of real estate: gold diggers, house flippers and the Cleavers

Agent Genius hosts the 63rd edition of the Carnival of Real Estate. Read about Craigslist gold diggers, house-flipping reality TV, what the Cleavers c [...]

Google Street View goes live in Chicago

When Google Street View launched in San Francisco several months ago the buzz was almost deafening. Last night Google went live with Street View for [...]

Sleaze alert

WBBM 780 just keeps dishing the junk at me when I'm in the car. Perhaps money from slimy mortgage brokers is drying up, although I'm still hearing the [...]

Vote for your favorite Chicago landmark

Which is more deserving of funds for preservation, the animal sculptures outside the ABLA homes or Robie House? The Chicago Cultural Center or the Fou [...]

Where the city's subprime loans are

If you want to understand the potential impact that tighter lending standards will have on the city's housing markets, you need to know which areas ha [...]

Carnival of Real Estate gets geeky

This week's edition of Carnival of Real Estate is hosted by GeekEstate Blog. Alongside a picture of Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite, you'll find a rund [...]

New Hyde Park blog is pro-development

Perusing Gapers Block today, we came across what appears to be a pretty interesting new blog about Hyde Park. Hyde Park Progress is taking on what it [...]

Is there a housing bubble?

The bubble-babblers, who've been playing their one-track tape for several years now, may find it shocking, but some experts still consider this an ope [...]

Check out

Incentives for homebuyers seem to abound in a slower market. An Oakbrook-based marketing company, HomePerks, LLC, has launched, an onlin [...]

Real estate agent's Web site showcases Uptown

Simply writing the word "Uptown" in a post tends to draw vehement comments from Yo readers, so we thought we'd fan the flames by linking to an Uptown [...]

Carnival of Real Estate: a naked look at landscaping, listings and more

This week's edition of Carnival of Real Estate is hosted by Real Estate Undressed. Read about about landscaping your home to sell, how your listing ca [...]

Carnival of Real Estate: co-ops, Catholic schoolgirls and half-assed service

Rain City Guide hosts this week's Carnival of Real Estate. Read about the fading clout of co-ops, how to sell like a Catholic schoolgirl and the half- [...]
Smart ways to use Zillow

Smart ways to use Zillow

Zillow provides some great tools for home buyers and sellers to estimate the value of what they own or are looking to buy. Their value "Zestimates" [...]

Photo slideshow highlights worst real estate photos

If you're marketing a home on the Internet, practice your photo skills - or it might end up in Canadian real estate agent Norm Fisher's Unbelievably B [...]

Residents protest $45M development planned for South Side's Carney Gardens

This is the first we've heard of the $45 million mixed-use development planned by Royce Messner for the South Side neighborhood of Carney Gardens. In [...]
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