Caveat emptor or righteous justice? Blogger lashes out at developer

Back in December, we talked to Garry Benson and Christine Lutz of Garrison Partners about a variety of topics related to Chicago real estate, one of which was the importance of research. A simple Google search can reveal a lot about a developer’s reputation and save potential buyers a lot of hassle and regret, they said.

A little more digging before the fact might have helped the blogger “Truth in Advertising,” but he’s certainly making sure his opinions about Bryton Development LLC and its principal, Kevin Bryar, ring out loud and clear for future home-shoppers.

Truth manages the blog Contractor Fraud @ 4525 N. Western Ave., which covers (you guessed it) potential contractor fraud at 4525 N Western Ave. He outlines a laundry list of complaints about his $390,000 condominium – the building lacks a sprinkler system, resilient channels in the ceilings, ventilation in the halls, proper sealing for hardwood floors, proper grout in the showers, etc.

Basically, he says, the building is… well… stuff we can’t type on a kid-friendly site like Yo.

We’re sure a lot of people (Mr. Bryar included) will say that there are better ways to deal with this type of situation than to go ape on a blog. But Truth is getting results, for better or worse; Google “Kevin Bryar” or “Bryton Development” and see how prominently those links are placed in your results.

So to paraphrase Truth’s URL: Builder, you’d best beware. Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned.

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