Century Tower creeeeeeeping toward sellout

Century Tower

It’s not happening quickly, but they’re getting there.

In January 2007, American Invsco project manager Tom Kearns said there were 20 condos left in the Century Tower conversion at 182 W Lake St. The developer has inched six units closer to sellout over the past year, primarily by selling its remaining stock of one-bedrooms. That leaves just a smattering of market-rate homes and affordable-housing studios available in the Loop high-rise.

Seven two- and three-bedroom units are selling from the $190s to the $500s, according to the project’s latest pricing information. As Alison reported way back in the day, the building’s studios (normally priced from the $140s to the $160s) are selling for $133,000 to buyers who earn $52,800 or less per year. Readers back then differed on whether a studio at represented a “deal.” I suppose that depends on whether you think a home next a major ‘L’ junction and the Clark & Lake stop is a good or bad thing.

Deeded parking at Century Tower ranges from $40,000 to $50,000, says sales manager Michael Phocas.

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