Chatting with Chaz: Open house philosophies

For a while now I’ve been interested in talking with an agent about open houses. Not for any property in particular, but about the overall process, a sort of “Open Houses 101,” if you will — what sellers should know about the open houses their agents hold, how effective open houses really are in the home selling process, how agents do (and don’t) interact with the people who walk in during open house hours, and the like.

On Sunday morning I traveled up to Lincoln Square to meet Chaz Walters, who was hosting an open house at 2104 W Leland Ave. Chaz is a recognizable veteran in Chicago market and personally mans several of his Hot Property group’s open houses each weekend. In this segment (the first of several from our conversation), Chaz talks about the connection between open houses and properly setting a property’s price, and explains why he prefers not to guide each of his guests through every room of a home.

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