Check out Yo’s new Lincoln Park High-rise Guide

Aerial view of Lincoln Park

We’ve just published the latest in our series of Guide pages – A guide to high-rise living in Lincoln Park.

If you’re trying to get a grip on the subtleties of whether Lincoln Park is the right neighborhood for you, or puzzling over picking one building or one part of Lincoln Park over another, we think you’ll find the Guide to be a timesaver.

Our sponsor, Jeff Herbert of Urban Living, prepared a list of the Top Ten condo and rental buildings in the neighborhood, and YoChicago added some newsy bullet points for each of them. Links to building profiles at Jeff’s Lincoln Park Condos site make it easy for you to see what’s available for sale in each of the condo buildings.

You’ll find more information about rentals at our popular Renting in Lincoln Park Guide, and our comprehensive at-a-glance list and map of Lincoln Park apartments.

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