Chicago buildings battle for weakest name

Marlborough.jpgFlipping through Neil Harris’ Chicago Apartments: A Century of Lakefront Luxury, we noticed that some buildings in the City of Big Shoulders have mighty swishy names. In case you’re looking for a new place in a building named above its station or beyond all comprehension, here are a few entries to consider for the foppiest building name in town. A two-bedroom two-bath, 1,500-square-foot pad at The Marlborough (pictured left) is listed by Koenig & Strey for $539,000. For $300K less you can get 100 more square feet at The Tiara, a wallflower debutante at 6147 N Sheridan Rd.

Le (sniff) Griffon at 3314 N Lake Shore Dr has a three-bedroom three-bath for 600 grand (also listed by Koenig), and the building was built in 1917, way ahead of the current Francophilia gripping developers across Chicago. Apart from Casablanca Lofts, it’s difficult to imagine any residential sobriquet equalling the sheer twee of The Villas of Fontenay in Palatine. Click “Comments” and let us know what other building names tilt your head or turn your stomach.

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