Chicago real estate agency opens coffee shop / Internet cafe

At Properties has opened a coffee shop and Internet cafe with real estate agents on hand to talk about home buying. The “@spot” opened at 2200 W Taylor St about three weeks ago, we hear.

The shop was “designed to attract a hip, urban audience who can stop in to recharge their batteries,” said At Properties co-founder Thaddeus Wong, in a press release.
“They can order a coffee, grab a snack and surf the ‘Net in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere,” Wong said. “If they are interested in browsing through home listings and talking to a real estate agent, those options will be available to them. But at the end of the day, this will be a neighborhood spot where they can simply unwind.” Brochures for At Property developments will also be available at the cafe.
Yo contacted a company spokesperson for further details and was told that the cafe would operate like a regular Internet cafe, but the ‘Net would automatically open onto an At Properties home page. The vibe of the new cafe won’t be “in your face,” according to the company representative we spoke to.

At Properties plans to test the coffee shop idea and may open another four across the city over the next three years. We’ll check the place out and report back to you with more details soon.

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