Chicago real estate video shootout – YoChicago vs Crain’s and Chicago Magazine

YoChicago’s YouTube channel has taken you to more Chicago places and inside more Chicago spaces and introduced you to more of the faces that shape Chicago real estate than any other source. We think we’re the clear leader in Chicago real estate video, and YouTube’s metrics strongly support that claim.

Chicago Magazine and Crain’s Chicago Business / Chicago Real Estate Daily are the only other YouTube channels that devote a significant portion of their videos to real estate and related topics.

YoChicago pioneered real estate video, launching its YouTube channel shortly before Chicago Magazine and Chicago Business. The relevant dates:

  • YoChicago – Oct 27, 2006
  • Chicago Magazine – Dec 11, 2006
  • Crain’s – Jul 18, 2007
  • Crain’s and Chicago Magazine videos range far afield from real estate while YoChicago covers only real estate and directly-related topics. That narrow focus hasn’t kept us from having by far the largest number of videos online:

  • YoChicago – 2,438
  • Crain’s – 1,482
  • Chicago Magazine – 491
  • The aggregate number of videos doesn’t count for much. A far more important metric is the number of viewers who’ve found the videos engaging enough and relevant enough to their interests to subscribe to a YouTube channel. YoChicago has nearly 3 times as many subscribers as Crain’s and nearly 4 times as many as Chicago Magazine.

  • YoChicago – 2,741
  • Crain’s – 962
  • Chicago Magazine – 707
  • YoChicago’s videos have more aggregate views than Crain’s or Chicago Magazine:

  • YoChicago – 3,592,227
  • Crain’s – 3,466,021
  • Chicago Magazine – 732,748
  • A video that goes viral can distort the import of a channel’s aggregate and per-video view counts. A single Crain’s video on the filming of Transformers, for example, accounted for nearly 87% of all of the views on its YouTube channel. We looked at the view counts for the 10th, 30th, 60th and 100th most viewed videos on YoChicago’s, Crain’s and Chicago Magazine’s channels:

  • YoChicago – 23,995 / 11,289 / 7,698 / 5,280
  • Chicago Magazine – 8,212 / 2,532 / 1,455 / 1,142
  • Crain’s – 5,314 / 2,452 / 1,373 / 1,220
  • YouTube is the second most-popular search engine, after Google. Is there any doubt about which Chicago-based YouTube channel reaches and engages the largest audience for local real estate video?

    Note: Many of YoChicago’s videos are sponsored by advertisers, but we retain sole editorial control over their content.

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