Chicago rent barometer: hot and cold summer studios

Summer isn’t too far away, and that means students leaving the city, interns moving in and others like them swarming to either sublet their places or find one before the lake freezes over again.

Since many out-of-towners know about Lincoln Park, we scanned Craigslist for studio sublets in the area:

The prices (surprise, surprise, gulp) can be steep.

studio at 1730 N Clark StFrom June 15 to August 31, you can sublet this studio at 1730 N Clark St with views of the lake for $1,440 a month (or $3,600 for 2.5 months…hey thanks, that makes it a lot more affordable). The view from the lake is shown, and as expected it rocks, but we don’t think any students or interns will be able to afford it.

So moving on to reality, studio at Belmont and Sheridana more affordable “newly renovated studio” at Belmont and Sheridan that looks a bit tight goes for $745. The advertiser says it’s in Lincoln Park, though by our reckoning it’s in Lake View. The lease runs until February 28 with the chance to renew – not a bad option if you’re looking for a longer stay.

We think $745 per month is more suited for paid interns though, so students, you might want to consider this (pictureless) ad for a $615 studio sublet at Wolfram and Halsted (also advertised as Lincoln Park though it’s technically Lake View). The lease runs from June 1 to September 30, and while we don’t see any pictures to prove it, the ad says the building has nice hardwood floors and lots of shelving.

If you like the price on that listing, consider heading out of Lincoln Park to some other, less pricey ‘hoods: say, to Lincoln Square, another happening at Eastwood and Lincoln

From June 1 to September 30, you can get a two-room studio (with a separate kitchen) at Eastwood and Lincoln avenues in Lincoln Square for $665. We actually like the fact that this place appears sparsely furnished because who wants a bunch of clutter if you’re only interested in subletting?

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