Chicago rent barometer: Lincoln Park on the (sort of) cheap

Lincoln Park apartment Lincoln Park apartment

“Cheap” is a relative term in Lincoln Park, where an abundance of supposedly desirable over-priced shops and bars has led to an abundance of often over-priced and under-sized apartments. Scanning recent Craigslist postings, we were able to spot some apartments that sounded promising. An eight-month sublease is available on a studio at 2250 N Lincoln Ave (pictured left). The renter says it’s about 700 square feet, which is pretty big for a studio, and the landlord pays heat, water and gas. Rent is $775, and a parking space is available for an extra $100.

For $785, a one-bedroom is available in a two-flat building at St. Michaels Ct and Eugenie St (pictured right). The place has a dishwasher, a porch, built-in bookshelves and a cool ski-chalet fireplace, but the renter says it has a “built-in loft bed.” In our book, a lofted bed in the main room does not a one-bedroom make, and we’re suspicious since he or she didn’t include a photo.

At 2119 N Sedgwick St, $650 a month gets you a renovated studio with new walls, a new kitchen and bathroom, new carpet and air conditioning.

And if you, unlike me, have the capacity to live with another human being, there’s a two-bedroom apartment available in a brownstone at 1722 N Mohawk St. The place has an updated bathroom, eat-in kitchen, hardwood floors, a deck and storage space, and the rent is $1,350.

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