Chicago's all Greek to me

I dye my hair darker instead of blonder. I don’t own big furry boots to tuck my jeans into, and I never had a pair of UGGs. I never had one of those velour jumpsuits either. Trends don’t appeal to me, so when I decided to move to Chicago, I swam against the masses and moved to an area virtually unknown to most twenty-somethings:Greektown.

I live in a big apartment building in Greektown, which is part of the West Loop. The neighborhood is constantly busy with commuters bustling in from Union Station, crowds enjoying themselves in restaurants and bars in Greektown or on Randolph Street, and people craving chocolate because of the aroma wafting throughout the area from Blommer’s Chocolate Factory. There are also homeless people begging for change outside the train stations and restaurants, and some streets are hardly busy at night, while others are definitely hoppin’. Most twenty-something newcomers to the city don’t know where the West Loop is. I hope to help change that. During the next few months, I’ll be sharing my newcomer’s viewpoint of living in Greektown. Opa!

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