Chicago’s highest outdoor pools

A recent fly-around of downtown Chicago afforded views from above of many of Chicago’s outdoor pools, and set me to wondering which ones were the highest. I’ll offer my nominations for that group, and hope for corrections from readers if I’ve missed or misstated any.

Chicago’s highest outdoor pool, as best I can determine, is atop the 56-story, 483-unit ParkShore condominium building at 195 N Harbor Dr on the New East Side. The ParkShore is a full-amenity building which has a health club, a tennis court and an on-site convenience store, day spa and dry cleaners in addition to the pool. The building’s website has a wealth of information, including copies of recent newsletters, floor plans and financial statements.

The Emporis database lists the building’s height as 556.01 feet.

I’ll be posting the second-highest outdoor pool later in the week, and welcome your speculation about it in the interim.

I’m still sorting through the nearly 2,000 images that Mike Scotty and Michael Kardas and I shot on our helicopter. You can check in at our aerial album at Flickr to see the ever-growing number of selections from that effort.

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