Chicago’s neighborhood misspelling bee

What’s the most commonly misspelled Chicago neighborhood?

It’s not Lake View. The neighborhood’s official name is spelled as two words, but the more common usage, even at the city’s official tourism site, is Lakeview as one word. The purists may not like it, but it’s become acceptable.

It’s not Montclare either. You’ll find it spelled as Monteclare in the nearly-useless info at a third-rate brokerage site, in the first edition of a popular neighborhood map, and as Mont Clare in the occasional real estate listing.

Montclare isn’t misspelled more frequently simply because few outside of the neighborhood have heard of it.

If we were to host a Chicago neighborhood misspelling bee, Ukrainian Village would be the clear winner, with Ukranian an all-too-common answer, pronounced correctly with a long a.

You’ll find the misspelled version popping up often at Yelp, Trulia and many other venues. Redfin gets it right and translates a search for “Ukranian Village” to the proper Ukrainian Village. If you search within the listing remarks at Redfin for Ukranian you’ll 13 results in ZIP code 60622 and 5 in 60612, most of them not within the boundaries of Ukrainian Village.

Any other candidates for most-misspelled neighborhood?

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