Clybourn Point –in the red on green development

Five years ago today we were, without noting the incongruity of green development on Clybourn Ave, writing about Clybourn Point, 1322 N Clybourn. The architect / developer was “hoping to lead the neighborhood – and the city – toward a greener future.” Asking prices for four unsold units ranged from the $640s to the $690s, plus parking.

Two 3-bedroom, 2-bath units in the building are currently offered for resale. Unit 2S, currently priced at $444,900, sold in September of 2008 for $450,000 after having been listed for $599,000 in June of 2008. Unit 2N sold for $580,000 in December of 2007 and is currently listed for $474,900 after more than 300 days on the market.

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