Clybourn Point: "green" building in Cabrini-Green

Clybourn Point Clybourn Point

Clybourn Point When we first showed you Clybourn Point, 1322 N Clybourn Ave, last fall, we commented on the eye-catching angle the building would make at its triangular intersection. Now that the bulk of the four-story building is up, we noticed that the angle is not as dramatic as we were anticipating. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to be excited about at the RADA Development project. Since we seem to be on a tree-hugging jag today, we thought we’d dish on some of the “green” features at Clybourn Point.

Back in December, Yo reader Stokes waxed suspicious about the building’s green roof, saying that “means a concrete paved surface in most cases.” The plan for the roof (right) does show a small paved patio for residents, but the majority of the space is honest-to-goodness green that is fenced off from the patio. RADA Architects is also installing photovoltaic cells on the roof. The building uses LED lighting and has an “eco elevator,” a traction unit that saves energy by using wheels instead of a large motor.

The development has six three-bedroom condos with 1,300 to 2,350 square feet (including outdoor balconies) and ground-floor commercial space. Prices range from the $630s to the $680s.

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