Coming soon to Lake View: H3177 condos

H3177 H3177

When we saw the massive development signs going up on the mid-rise at the corner of Hudson and Belmont avenues, not far from Sheridan Tower, we thought another condo conversion was in the works, but it turns out the building will be torn down and replaced with a 12-story high-rise called H3177 (for the address, 3177 N Hudson Ave). The rendering shows a mostly brick building with balconies and a silvery, rounded corner with floor-to-ceiling glass. The top level is covered with the same metallic material, and it looks like there’s a rooftop garden built over a two-story base to the south of the building. Compared to other planned Lake View high-rises like HarborView, the design is relatively modern. We’re still trying to find out prices on the one- to three-bedroom condos from marketers Sussex & Reilly.


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