Comment of the day: Albany Park's potential

Albany Park boomed this dcade in real estate values and was fueled by sucessful condo conversions close to three Brown Line stations at Francisco, Kedzie and Kimball respectively. Not all conversions were of good quality… and as time went on, the quality got worse and worse. This is taking a toll now on owners especially west of Kimball.

When the area finally saw new construction come in on the main ateries of Kedzie, Kimball and Lawrence, the market overall had started to tank. I’m wondering what impact these buildings and potential new owners will have with their higher profile locations and image… if they will sell to responsible owners.

This area along Lawrence and west of Kedzie still has crime that must be watched. And the streetscape is not very attractive in my opinion.

But,it offers a ton of infrastructure in a central area. Three trains stations up to Kimball. North Park University at Foster and Kedzie, Northeastern Illinois University at Foster and St Louis. Terrific running/biking paths along the North Branch of the Chicago River (that go all the way to Evanston), River Park, access to highways, grocery stores, a few excellent restaurants, close to Ravenswood Manor and Lincoln Square etc…Easy to Lincolnwood and Skokie retail and services.

I’m pulling for this area as my wife and I enjoyed all of the above. The grade schools still make it hard for parents to invest in houses and the proximity to downtown is a drag for condo buying young professionals.

Albany Park is a much safer neighborhood these days than just 10 years ago.

The area is one of the most diverse in the country and it remains to be seen if this predominate immigrant neighborhood will see more gentrification and/or improved schools in the near future.

– Realtor, blogger and Yo reader Eric Rojas, pointing out some of the ups and downs of Albany Park in the comments section of last week’s Kimball Station update.

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