Comment of the day: At least Fulton Market buildings have some character

“Curious…Is Phil Berger a licensed architect?
Or a licensed developer?

I highly doubt Blair Kamin would concur with Mr. Berger on this one. Saying that they should look more like the development at Lake and Morgan!? That they look Disney-esque?! Now the buildings on May St. between Lake & Randolph with the horse statues atop the pilasters…now those look disney-esque. Not these.

Is he serious?! The development at Lake & Morgan has exposed CMU block on all sides! At least these buildings on Fulton have some character and attention was given to brick masonry detail.

But maybe Mr. Berger is right…a more suitable building with absolutely no attention to detail that is completely void from protrusions, reliefs, masonry accents or other architectural detail would’ve been much nicer here.”

ML’s comment on our video post in which architecture critic Phil Berger expresses disappointment in the design of new live-work spaces on Fulton Market

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