Comment of the day: burned out in Rogers Park

A commenter with the screen name of “old timer” weighs in as follows on a nearly 3-year old article on the Rogers Park condo boom in our New Homes Magazine:

I lived in RP in the late 70s / early 80s & bought in the 1990s. I rolled up my sleeves & tried to make it a better place. Know what? burned out. After 15 years, it’s the same old problems – & a decade of the same empty storefronts!

Whenever you complain, others poo-poo you & say how much worse it once was – like I should be grateful for crumbs of improvement! Or they call you a yuppie for wanting basic middle-class amenities.

And then there’s the famous diversity – as if there’s much inter-mingling. & as if this is some hard-won victory than simply a demographic condition.

So now we have a recession & it’s not hard to see where the North Side will begin to hurt first.

Nice going, Alderman Moore.

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