Common tenant complaints – parking pirates

Pause a moment, as Chicago approaches the season of dibs, to consider that paying for a parking spot doesn’t guarantee you one.

If you read apartment reviews at Yelp you’ll see tenants reporting that their assigned parking space is frequently commandeered by someone else.

Even parking in a lot with key-fob controlled access doesn’t ensure that your space won’t be invaded. From a review at Yelp:

I lived here for 4 years I think, maybe it was three – but boy were they good times. I still have the parking fob and so when I’m downtown I conveniently park in the parking garage.

If you’ve ever managed rental property in Chicago and confronted unauthorized parkers, you’ve been met with abuse, ridicule and contempt from Chicagoans with an outsized sense of entitlement about parking.

True Chicagoans have developed a repertoire of tactics of dubious legality to deal with parking pirates. Share yours.

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