Construction checkup: Silver Tower

Construction at Silver Tower, 303 W Ohio St, Chicago Rendering of Silver Tower, 303 W Ohio St, Chicago

A few blocks south and west of JFJ Development‘s Superior 110, another Hartshorne Plunkard-designed high-rise, Stonegate Development‘s Silver Tower, keeps on rising.

The two projects aren’t all that similar – Silver Tower will be 13 stories taller and will have more than three times as many condos as Superior 110 when complete – but you can tell they were designed by the same firm. Superior 110 is kind of like a convex lens, its east and west faces curving in at the edges. Likewise, the western side of Silver Tower (which is a little hard to see in the photograph at left, since I was trying to keep the sun behind me) curves inward slightly, like an arrowhead with its tip sheared off. I’m guessing Silver Tower won’t have the same deep blue glass that JFJ chose for its building, but you never know.

More than 70 percent of Silver Tower’s homes were under contract at the end of July, and its remaining one- to three-bedroom condos were selling from the $290s to the $790s. In case you missed the post, Mark recently compared one of the building’s two-bedrooms with a similar unit from its other new-construction neighbor, The Gammonley Group‘s 757 Orleans @ Chicago.

Edit: Silver Tower, of course, is at 303 W Ohio St.

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