Cooperative living at Stone Soup Ashland

If you like having lots of roommates you might want to check out Stone Soup Ashland, a cooperative living arrangement in a 100-year old convent with 26 bedrooms.

Once accepted you become a “member” rather than just a roommate and take on some responsibilities for running the house in addition to paying your modest ($500 a month) rent.

A recent Craigslist ad offers some of the details and you can find more at Stone Soup Ashland’s Web site:

The co-op’s membership base ranges anywhere from hip-hop artists to political activists, with an underlying focus on social justice and joy. We welcome people of all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and are very LGBT friendly!

Members pay $500 per month. $120 of this goes to shared food and the rest pays for rent, supplies and utilities. All of the amenities are included in the rent and we have washers and dryers (no charge for usage) on the premises, wi-fi throughout the building, bathrooms and showers on every floor, as well as personal sinks in every room.

Some extra niceties:
-Vegetable garden
– Lots of common space to host events
– Music room
– Art room
– Rockin’ compost heap
– Amaaaaaazing kitchen
– Guest bedrooms for people you might want to have stay over from out-of-town
– Friendly people with lots to share!

If you’re a performance artist you’ll have access to the in-house de-sanctified chapel, pictured above.

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