Count your blessings, Red and Brown Liners

When the workday begins, we humble patrons of the CTA‘s Red and Brown lines, which are currently experiencing erratic schedules and construction delays, have been known to regale our coworkers with a chorus of profanity about how maddening our morning commute was.

Sarah, our writer in Wicker Park, reminds us of these two things: we should be thankful we even have a public transit system, and, however much crap we have to deal with on the Red and Brown lines, the Blue Line has got that crap in spades.

Generally at 5pm on any given weekday: From the Clark/Lake Blue Line stop it takes me over an hour to make it to Damen-which a less than a year ago took under 20 minutes. Not to mention I get on the third train that goes by-IF I’m lucky.

Check out Sarah’s post, “The CTA Blues.”

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