Countdown to Whole Foods at Streeter Place

Residents at Streeter Place, a full-amenity luxury apartment tower, will soon have Whole Foods at the end of their block.

Whole Foods plans to open the first of the seven former Dominick’s stores it acquired at 255 E Grand Ave in Streeterville. The store’s opening is slated for next January.

In the meantime, Streeter Place residents have an upscale 7-Eleven a short block north and Treasure Island, which bills itself as “America’s most European supermarket,” a block further north.

Options for prepared food are even more convenient for Streeter Place residents.

The popular Yolk and Flour & Stone are in the building, and D4 is just across the landscaped plaza outside Streeter Place’s front door.

Today’s deal: $1,000 off the first month’s rent on studios, convertibles and 1-bedrooms, $1,500 off 2-bedrooms if a renter signs within 24 hours of their first viewing and moves in by September 25.

Available studios rent from $1,819 to$2,161, convertibles from $1,799 to $2,382, 1-bedrooms from $2,026 to $2,909, 2-bedrooms from $3,292 to $3,797 and 3-bedrooms from $5,473 to $6,110.

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