Coven of NIMBYs goes bonkers over Division and Ashland site

The proposed redevelopment of the former Pizza Hut site at Division and Ashland has evoked a flurry of pleas to 1st Ward Ald. Proco Joe Moreno to bar the property owners from doing what they assert they have the right to do within the current zoning – build a two-story bank building on the site.

The locals and not-so-locals who have weighed in include the Center for Neighborhood Technology. I single out CNT only because of its blindness to the delicious irony of the acronym formed by its motto: Sustainable Communities Attainable Results. You got it – SCAR.

You can see more appeals to the Alderman to disregard what may be the developer’s rights at the East Village Association’s Web site. The site is at the far northeast corner of the East Village neighborhood.

You can see the site in these YoChicago videos:

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